10th Anniversary of "Energija un Pasaule"

Monday, 17 August 2009


The Making of Creative Energy – „Enerģija un Pasaule” (Energy and the World)!

JURIS EKMANIS, president of the Latvian Academy of Sciences

In ten years „Enerģija un Pasaule” has established itself amongst popular science publications, which can be only envied as very few have managed to achieve it. Practically there are only two this kind of magazines in Latvia – “Zvaigžņotā Debess”, which has been circulated for fifty years now and has a well established and specific niche, and the five times younger “Enerģija un Pasaule”.

Many magazines, which generally write on multiple topics, have written about power industry, but none have made energy their topic of interest; our competitive advantage. We are grateful that Juris Savickis, the chairperson of the editorial board and the patron of the Honour, has helped the magazine’s publishers maintain sponsorship. This is a very hard work to do and Juris Savickis with his skills has helped us a lot. To my mind the main objective is to broaden the readers range, firstly in Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine, translating the magazine firstly Russian and later on in English.

The power industry is one of the Europe’s priorities and finally someone has started to think about it in Latvia as well. Questions concerning energy power are not a local matter, but a basis of the world’s economics. They consolidate countries, continents and will never be a label that will extinct that becomes outdated. The interest in the power energy will only increase and so it is a great satisfaction that this magazine can foresee the future developments in the energy world, for instance, giving its readers the latest information regarding the nuclear energy, the events in our country and the world. I truly wish for the “Enerģija un Pasaule” to begin a discussion about the atomic energy (nuclear energy) and its role in Latvia. The discussions that the magazine has organized so far are not only popular amongst specialists but also in the society and the media.

I wish to all the creators of this magazine not only the energy in its title but also when developing it. Keep the creative spirit and furthermore success. Subsequent support from Juris Savickis is definitely assured to this visually and informatively valuable magazine and its creators.

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