Eesti Energia's electricity market share stable

Wednesday, 04 November 2015

The market share of Estonian state-owned energy giant Eesti Energia in electricity sale was 59.8% in September versus 60% in August, Elering reported.

Baltic Energy Services OÜ share of the electricity sales brokering was 12.6% (11.8% in July).

Latvian energy company Latvenergo, which in Estonia uses the name Elektrum, was on the third place, with a stable market share of 10.2% (10.8% in July).

The top three were followed by Nordic Power Management OÜ with 5.8% (6.2%), Alexela Energia AS with 4.4% (4.0%) and Inter Rao Eesti OÜ with 2.0% (2.0%).

404,000 consumers bought electricity on the basis of term contracts at the start of November, a fall of 1,050 in a month. 173,000 consumption points had unspecified term, a growth of 1,100 in a month. 136,900 consumption venues used the general service, i.e. had no contract, a growth of 500 in a month. Consumers without a contract formed 19% of all consumption venues but electricity consumed by them formed just around 4% of all consumed electricity.

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