Malfunction of Estlink 2 in July has not pushed the price of electricity up in Estonia

Monday, 28 September 2015

The cable malfunction that emerged in July on the Finnish side of the Estlink 2 Estonian-Finnish undersea electricity link has not pushed the price of electricity up in Estonia, Äripäev Online reports.

Since July, due to cable heating, the work of the Estlink 2 connection is partially reduced, which is why 100 MW of capacity isn’t achievable on the Estonia-Finland and Finland-Estonia directions. The dates when the malfunction is to be eliminated have been constantly postponed. Partial problems with the work of the Estlink 2 should last till mid-October. In the past, it has been said that the smaller capacity might increase the price of electricity in Estonia when the power consumption increases.

"Estonian and Finnish prices have in September differed in only in four hours out of 528 hours, so we can say that the Estlink 2 restriction has not affected the prices in essence," said Elering Communications Specialist Kätlin Klemmer.

Klemmer considered it inevitability that the Estlink 2 has malfunctions. According to her, energy markets operate on the basis of technical infrastructure and equipment can have malfunctions. "Even Skype was globally down. Because it is a new device, there is a guarantee period to eliminate such initial faults, so that all such problems came out both in regard to the cable, as well as the converters," says Klemmer.

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