Electricity price in the Nordic area goes down, in the Baltic - vice versa

Monday, 15 June 2015

The stock market price of electricity in the Nordic countries fell mostly in May, but rose in the Baltic states, as the local market was influenced more than usual by local power stations with higher margin cost, because of the shortage of transmission capacity, reports Estonian national grid company Elering.

Electricity exchange Nord Pool Spot (NPS) system price fell in May as compared to April by 11.77%, being on average 22.33 euros per MWh.

NPS Estonian price area price was in May 32.30 euros per megawatt-hour, a growth of 5.90%.

In Latvia, the price grew by 7.33% to 37.36 euros per MWh while in Lithuania it grew by 4.91% also to 37.36 euros per MWh.

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